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Gaga's Next Weird Fashion Move: Diamond Tooth Implants- Crystal Lake Dental Associates

Gaga's Next Weird Fashion Move: Diamond Tooth Implants

Lady Gaga is well known for her outrageous fashion statements, from wearing a telephone on her head to THAT meat dress, Gaga has certainly made an impression on the fashion world. Her latest crazy idea comes in the form of teeth jewellery. The outlandish singer, who recently collaborated with veteran Tony Bennett on ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, reportedly had diamond implants fitted onto her teeth. Dutch designer Otazu confirmed that Lady Gaga was fitted with marquise diamonds for her appearance in Paris Fashion Week where she is collaborating with French fashion house, Thierry Mugler
This is not the first time that Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, has had cosmetic dentistry. Back in 2009 the pop star caused a stir by wearing vampire fangs. Diamond implants may prove trickier to live with however. It is reported that rapper Lil Wayne who has similar dental jewellery cannot eat anything solid!
The cost of the diamond tooth implants is not known, although sources close to the star have suggested that her jewellery bill was likely to have been as much as her dental one. The expense is unlikely to have been a concern to Gaga however, who according to Forbes, earned $US 91.7 million in the last year alone.
So what do you think? Diamond implants – hot or not?

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Article by by Asha Sood


  1. Lady Gaga's fashion sense is one of the reasons she has so many fans. Take away her outlandish taste for fashion, and she would have to find another means to make a statement in the music industry. Although not the first, the addition of a diamond implant to her fashion statement takes her to a whole new level.

    - Bianca Jackson

  2. I have never heard her sing,but she certainly has made a name for herself Bianca.

    Dr. Neal


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