Saturday, November 12, 2011

Steve Jobs and Apple-Just a thought-Crystal Lake Dental Associates

Steve Jobs

Steve and Apple

Apple products will  probably never run my office network, however I could envision a tablet device like the iPad being used as portable workstations. 

I have watched with interest however Steve and his unusual style of creating and managing a business. Steve claimed to be a Zen Buddhist. I understand that Steve's Buddhist background helped shape his thinking about the products that he designed. He had a way of treating many people in terms of extremes. Steve often took credit for ideas that someone else came up with.. He could be brutal to the point of cruelty even to those very close to him. Steve was quick to complain about others who he felt were stealing people, jobs, and ideas. Steve he did not seem to mind doing the same when convenient. A a ruthless businessman, Steve was directly or indirectly responsible for hundreds of patents for himself, Apple ,  and other companies he was involved with. Steve was visionary, and yes a genius. He has created a world  class business in Apple and over the years has had a hand in transforming several industries. In some ways geniuses seem to get a pass on bad behavior.

If Steve had been a Christian instead of Buddhist, could he and Apple Corp have been as successful?

How would they have been different? Apple did get involved in and donated funds to (product) RED an organization promoted by Bono for fighting diseases in Africa. According to Bono, Apple is the largest contributor to this organization through the sale of special  red U2 iPods. Had he been a Christian, Steve  would have devoted time to church, bible reading, and with his extensive wealth money to his church and possibly other faith related organizations. He may have gotten caught up in missions work or serving the poor.  I disregard the idea that he could not have discovered similar computer related concepts as a Christian.

It is business, but it is also personal...It's about people, and relationships and how you treat them.

A business must remain profitable in order to survive and flourish. Its leadership has to make tough decisions in order to navigate the unknown and create the future. The treatment of coworkers,  competitors, and business partners would certainly have been different for a Christian business leader. You can make tough decisions and be kind in the process. You can suggest changes and be considerate at the same time. You can get your point across without swearing or belittling people. You can have great core values and live them out. You can be inspiring without being a dictator. You can listen to opposition views without treating the other like dirt. You should be compassionate about people who can no longer stay in the company. People are not objects to be used and discarded like the trash. If you lose out to a competitor, you should salute them for their skill rather that badmouth them at every turn. 

I think Steve Jobs and Apple could have been just as successful run as a Christian organization. I never met Steve, but would have liked to have met him in heaven.

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