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A Gum disease form causing severe bad breath called NUG-Crystal Lake Dentist

Acute NUG, a form of gum disease
How does NUG cause bad breath?
The bacteria in plaque give a fetid odor. The odor can also come from dying tissue in the infected areas. Often the bad breath is what causes a person to seek help from a dentist.

What is NUG?
NUG (Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis) is a gum infection. NUG has also been called “trench mouth” and “Vincent’s infection” after the doctor that first described it. The combination of bacteria in NUG does not like oxygen.  We call these bacteria anaerobes.

What causes NUG?
NUG appears in persons who are run down, suffering severe stress, poor diet, lack of rest, or immune compromised. NUG was quite common in the troops during World War I. It is usually seen in young adults and adolescents. NUG is less common today in the United States except for populations with HIV. NUG is not considered contagious.

What does NUG do?
The bacteria in NUG grow in plaque on the teeth and gums. Once the infection occurs, it can begin to destroy the gums and bone around the teeth. If the infection becomes acute (ANUG), it causes severe damage the gums and bone.

Is NUG painful?
It can be quite painful in the acute form. The gums can be puffy, swollen, red, and ooze pus. The lymph nodes can become swollen. You can feel run down feverish and lose your appetite.

How is NUG treated?
The treatment consists of a round of antibiotics, peroxide rinses and cleaning by a dental professional.

Can you get NUG more than once?
For most people this will not happen. If you are immune compromised, you are at risk of a repeat infection.

Have you treated many NUG patients?
I see a case every year or so. They have all been successfully treated with the method described above.

Dr. Neal at Crystal Lake Dental Associates answers all of your questions about gum disease and bad breath.

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Adult checkup at Crystal Lake Dental Asociates

What is a typical Adult checkup at Crystal Lake Dental Associates?
Checkup at Crystal Lake Dental

In the past, going to the dentist for a checkup meant updating your address, phone, and insurance info followed by a quick glance in your mouth, annual x-rays if needed, check for cavities with a probe, a cleaning, and perhaps a new toothbrush. In no treatment is needed the office will recommend that you come back in 6 months.
We now know that patients want and deserve better care than that.
We have broken the mold and for the past several years, we have been offering a superior service!

What we do during atypical adult checkup and professional cleaning appointment:
  •  Update your personal information including your health history 1
  • Screen annually for Sleep Apnea 2
  • Offer comprehensive oral cancer screening annually 3
  • Take your blood pressure 4
  • Do a digital and visual oral cancer screening 
  • Take needed digital x-rays annually or if there is a concern 
  • A complete periodontal probing 
  • Laser DIAGNOdent© cavity detection as well as a traditional explorer probe ₈
  • Provide a professional cleaning
  • Offer fluoride for adults 
  • Intra-oral camera exam ₁₀
  • Recommend a customized checkup and professional cleaning schedule that fits your needs ₁₁
  • Recommend needed treatment and offer videos to help explain the condition and recommended procedures. ₁₂
  • All of our hygienists and the doctor uses magnification during your examination and treatment₁₃

What else do we do?

  • We offer in addition to our wide variety of magazines, complimentary refreshments including fresh brewed coffees ₁₄ and cappuccino etc, warm hand waxing, pillows, blankets, TV in treatment rooms, complimentary ring and glasses cleaning.
  • Unless otherwise needed, the doctor’s exam₁₅ is only performed annually as a convenience and cost saving to you.
  •  For our sensitive and anxious patients, oral pre-medication and laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) are available.

A typical new Patient examination is a bit different as explained below.*

Adult new patient exam consists of:
  • A complete health and dental history
  • Gathering necessary personal information for our files as needed Address Phone, insurance etc..
  • Interview with the doctor and/or hygienist
  • Take needed digital x-rays
  • Complete dental charting of all teeth, existing restorations, pathology, and periodontal screening
  • Oral cancer digital, and visual exam and intra oral camera exam, 1 
  • Face and smile photos for a baseline ₁₆
  • Sleep Apnea screening
  • Examine the bite, range of jaw movement, TMJ and muscles
  • Taking into account, the patients concerns and desires a treatment plan is developed
  • If the treatment plan is simple, we can make financial arrangements and begin scheduling treatment
  • If the treatment plan is complicated, the doctor needs more time to develop a plan, or additional records are needed, a consultation may be scheduled at a future date
  • If possible and appropriate, a cleaning may be provided or scheduled

1 To efficiently take care of you and any billing, it is important to have current contact ,  and insurance information. A current medical history means better care.
2 It is estimated that up to 20% of the adult population has Sleep Apnea and 90% of them are undiagnosed. Sleep Apnea is associated with several medical conditions.
3 One person per hour dies from oral cancer. Oral cancer has one of the lowest cure rates of any cancer since it is not caught early enough. Visilite+© offers a better visualization of the deeper tissues of the mouth and locates suspect areas missed by the naked eye.
4 8% of the adult population has undiagnosed high blood pressure, and the incidence of high blood pressure keeps rising  with aging and obesity ( up over 30% ).
5 See #3 above
6 Digital x-rays expose you to 90% less radiation compared to conventional x-rays. They also allow the doctor and patient to see much more detail.
7 Up to 80% of the adult population has some degree of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease has been associated with several life threatening medical conditions.
The DIAGNOdent© has been proves to be much more accurate in location decay under the surface of a tooth versus a traditional metal explorer.
9 Many adults still struggle with tooth decay, root decay, or decay around crowns. As we age, our saliva flow decreases and medications we take can dry our mouth. This causes acid buildup and adult tooth decay.
10 An intra oral camera helps visualize problems with your teeth and gums and provides an invaluable record for dental insurance claims. The images are placed on a TV screen for easy viewing when needed.
11 Not all people need a 6 month checkup and cleaning, some need care more often and some need less. We tailor your checkups to your actual needs.
12 Using CAESY© patient education system on our TV in the treatment rooms and consultation room, we can easily explain dental conditions and treatment options.
13 Dental conditions are sometimes easy to miss with the naked eye. In addition, magnification makes your treatment more comfortable and hand eye coordination is improved.
14 In addition to bottled water, we have a Mastercraft™ custom brewing machine located in the reception room for coffee, decaf, French vanilla, cappuccino and hot chocolate.
15 Illinois law requires a dentist examine the patient only once per year. The patient can be seen by a hygienist multiple times in the same year. This practice helps keep the cost of dentistry down.
17 Baseline photos are useful in color determination, as well as for comparison when future treatment is planned or undertaken.
*Our goal is to schedule efficiently for your busy schedule. We make an extreme effort to meet each person’s desire for their first checkup appointment. What we have found that works best though is to schedule as listed above and wait until we have all information. At this time we can efficiently schedule cleanings and other appointments. We make great efforts to accommodate you especially If you have an emergency.

We are constantly striving to provide the highest level of service and care. Many patients comment that they have never had such a thorough exam.

Dr Neal answers all of your questions about examinations at Crystal Lake Dental Associates.

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