Saturday, June 4, 2011

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We love helping people

Crystal Lake Dental Associates is dedicated to improving every person's health, beauty and comfort. In the process, we encounter many patients with unique and powerful stories. We love helping these people and consider them part of our family. Constantly we  hear from grateful patients who are no longer afraid, have a new confident smile, and are pain free. Dr. Neal loves sharing stories of how a person was helped and how their life improved.

We started a new blog of patient's stories

So, we started a new blog dedicated to telling these stories.You will be able to see how a patient's problems and desires are translated into a plan and solution. These writings will be derived from actual patient's experiences. In order to protect patients privacy, real names and personal facts are altered. A new topic of interest is highlighted in each post. You can leave comments, and ask questions about any dental conditions or topics.

Begin the journey Today!

Visit Crystal Lake Dentist Blog at:

 P.S. I will continue to post on anything health or oral care related topics in detail on this blog.

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