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Anthony Weiner photos reveal a bruxer.

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner's squared off jaw line

Anthony Weiner has some strong facial characteristics that we commonly see in people who are bruxers.
Congressman Weiner has a squared off jaw line. This bony feature is the result of over development of the masseter muscles. The masseter muscles are very prominent in bruxers. Most notably a person who clenches their teeth tightly or chews gum excessively can develop these muscles.

Weight training

It is clear that congressman Weiner stays in shape. I do not know if he uses weights to workout. Some people who workout regularly with weights can develop exaggerated jaw muscles. This is due to clenching the teeth during heavy body strain. 

A weight lifter clenching

Close-up of clenching

Night bruxism

Some people who suffer from night bruxism will slide their teeth against each other creating a squeaking sound. Often a person does not know that they are a clencher as there is no sound associated with it. Night bruxism is a common problem. Night bruxism has been associated with Sleep Apnea. 

Problems with clenching

The intense pressure created on the teeth can cause them to fracture, and enamel to peel off. Ultimately, a bruxer who does not protect their teeth will destroy them. In addition, bruxism can damage the jaw joint (TMJ) and lead to muscle pain and headaches. In almost every picture of Anthony Weiner, you cannot see his upper teeth. This leads me to conclude that Congressman Weiner's upper teeth have already been damaged by bruxism, or clenching.

Diagnosing clenching

Heavy clenching can be easily diagnosed by a dentist. I have the patient relax and alternately clench the teeth  these muscles will pop out when clenching and you can feel them protrude. In addition, when the person clenches, the muscle will be rock hard. I have the patient do this exercise while feeling the masseter when they clench. I then have them feel the same muscle on my face when I do the same thing. Since I am not a bruxer, my muscle does not bulge and become rock hard. Now they can feel and see the difference. 

Feeling (palpating) the masseter muscle.

Preventing damage the teeth, muscles, and TMJ

The wearing of a protective mouth-guard during weight-training and/or a bite-plane at night is recommended to prevent damage to teeth, gums, the TMJ, and muscles. These appliances should be made by a dentist to ensure proper fit and function. 

In conclusion …wear an appliance

Congressmen  Anthony Weiner certainly has his problems with the Twitter Sex email Photos and tweets. I hope Anthony Weiner is at least protecting his teeth and TMJ by wearing a mouth-guard when exercising and/or a bite-plane when sleeping. It is inexpensive insurance against damaging your mouth.

Dr Neal answers all of your questions about bruxism.

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