Friday, May 20, 2011

Snap-ON-Smile a a real Conundrum

Snap-ON-Smile before

Snap-ON-Smile After

As a cosmetic dental practice, we have many different treatment options to give patients a great smile. One of these is the Snap-ON-Smile™.

The Situation
More and more patients are calling me for consultations for Snap-ON-Smile™ treatment. Now this option is often the only option for some people due to its low cost and immediate change. I love helping people feel good about their smile and themselves so I don’t hesitate to offer it.

The Snap-ON-Smile™ patient
I have been offering Snap-ON-Smile™ for several years, and the vast majority of patients have been extremely happy with the results.  A Snap-ON-Smile™ easily and inexpensively covers a multitude of problems like:
·        Missing teeth
·        Uneven gumlines
·        Crooked teeth
·        Discolored teeth
·        Discolored fillings
·        Decayed teeth
·        Broken teeth
·        Short teeth
·        A skewed upper jaw
·        Crossbite 

The Conundrum 
 I am also now seeing some of the patients come back a year or two later and asking what can be done to give them a great permanent smile without the Snap-ON-Smile™. This is often a very interesting conversation. The normal solution to many of these problems is usually complex.

The Alternative
The dental problems can be corrected, but the correction may take many months to years (if braces or implants and bone grafts are needed). Some cases would require orthognathic surgery (surgery to align the upper and lower jaw). 
For severe discoloration, crowns and veneers are needed. Decay may require fillings, root canals and crowns. Missing teeth may require bridges, implants, or  partial dentures. Now in the dental practice, these solutions are the ones that your dentist is going to recommend because they work and last a long time.

The Commitment
 It is unclear whether people who have ignored the dental problems for so long due to fear or cost or other factors are prepared for the huge investment in time and money to properly treat the situation. In addition if there has been dental neglect, an entirely new set of habits must be put in place to ensure that the treatment does not fail.
 These habits are:
·        Good oral hygiene
·        Healthy diet
·        Avoiding damaging habits like nail biting
·        Wearing a nighttime biteplane if the patient grinds at night
·        Regular dental checkups
·        Having small problems corrected as soon as they are detected.

The Truth
I have seen many people (including phobic and fearful patients) turn their habits around and become excellent dental patients. If cost is not the deciding factor, then Snap-ON Smile™ patients do have other options.

 Either way, we are here for you.

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