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Zinc in denture adhesives dangerous? Which ones are zinc free?

Zinc helps the makes the adhesive stick better. What are the adverse effects? High levels of zinc can deplete other minerals like iron and copper. Depletion of copper can lead to neurological disorders. The suspicion of ingestion of high levels of zinc is the cause of several lawsuits against manufacturers of zinc
containing denture adhesives. 

See ABC Nnews video on the investigation.

After researching the products, I went shopping to see what was on the shelves of three local stores. Intersteingly only three manufacturer's brands and the generic store brand were on the shelves. These were Polygrip (zinc free by Smith Kline Galaxo), Fixodent (zinc by Proctor & Gamble) and Sea Bond (zinc free by Sea Bond).

 Both Fixodent and Polygrip dominated the shelf space with several variations of their products taking up 90% of the shelf space. The store brand was zinc free, and the label went to great lengths to point out that  it was not manufactured by P & G.
I have listed below several denture adhesives and categorized them by whether they contain zinc or not. 

Zinc free adhesives
Cushion Grip
dushion Grip paste is  manufactured by Schering-Plough, and is zinc free. It is not your typical paste adhesive and has special instructions to apply and remove


 Dentrio adhesive powder is manufactured in Indi,a and distributed by MDM Corporation. It is zinc free.

 Effergrip paste is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, and is zinc free.
 Endslip liners are manufactured by Durasol, and are zinc free.

Miracle Grip
 Miracle Grip, manufactured by U.S. Medical, is a polymer sheet and does not appear to contain zinc. 

Perma Grip
 Perma Grip, Manufactured by Lee Pharmaceuticals, is zinc free.
Poly Grip Powder
 Polygrip Powder, manufactured by Galaxo Smith Kline, has been reformulated with no zinc.
Polygrip paste
 Polygrip paste, manufactured by Galaxo Smith Kline, has been reformulated with no zinc.
Polygrip Strips
 Polygrip Strips, manufactured by Galaxo Smith Kline, contains no zinc.

Protefix powder, paste, liners
 Protefix products, manufacturer unknown but distributed by an Egyptian importer. It appears to use alginate as the adhesive agent, and contain no zinc.
Rigident Powder
 Rigident Powder, manufactured by Church & Dwight, is zinc free.

Sea Bond
 Sea Bond liners are manufactured by Sea Bond Inc. are zinc free.

Secure liners
 Secure liners, manufactured by Den Tek are zinc free, but require special instructions for application and removal. They can last for days worth of wear.
Secure denture paste liner
Secure denture paste liner, manufactured by Den Tek is zinc free, but require special instructions for application and removal. They can last fro days worth of wear.
Staydent denture paste
Staydent denture paste, manufactured by Mercer Group Limited, is zinc free.

Dental adhesives with unknown ingredients


 Orafix was originally manufactured by Smith Kline Beecham, but may have been sold. Ingredients unknown.
Klutch adhesive powder
Klutch is manufactued by The Oakhurst Company. Ingedients unknown.

Adhesives that contain zinc
Fixodent paste
 Fixodent paste is manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, and contains zinc.

Fixodent powder
Fixodent powder is manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, and contains zinc.

Ina future article, I will advise on alternatives to adhesives.


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  4. Started to have numbness in my feet and was trying to figure out what could be the cause...I'm healthy in every other respect, so I stumbled upon the information about zinc in denture adhesives and their side effects, which clarified why it was better some days than others. Stopped using it, and it began to dissipate. Thanks for listing the zinc-free products!! People should be made aware of the health dangers of this ingredient, when absorbed in excessive amounts!!

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