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Celebrity smiles that Need Help...Part One.

In an effort to show how some of the biggest celebrity names can improve their appearance by improving their smiles, I will comment on these famous people and the approach I would take to correct the situation. If you have a situation similar th the ones shown, perhaps you can see how a cosmetic improvement can be undertaken.

Amy Winehouse
Obviously singer-songwrite,r Amy Winehouse has led a rough life. I n this photo, she is missing a tooth. Though she has had some dental care, she could benefit from braces and an implant.

Angelina Jolie
 Angelina Jolie, daughter of John Voight is accomplished as an actress and humanitarian. She is quite beautiful, however, she does have a bit of a toothy smile with a fang on her right canine. The smile could be improved with thinning  of the teeth and braces.

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin is a Canadian born, Academy Award wining actress. She has multiple issues with her teeth due to a diastema (space) and a tooth size discrepancy (her two central incisors are much larger than the rest of her teeth). Both conditions can be easily corrected with a combination of braces and veneers.

April Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is a  singer-songwwriter, actress, fashion designer,and  philanthropist. She is naturally beautiful and talented. She has an easily corrected issue with her left canine as well as a few other misalignment problems. Braces would easily solve the problem.

Chris Noth
 Chris Noth, a well known American actor is strikingly handsome for sure. His smile could be improved though as it is a bit gummy with short worn yellow teeth. Correction could be done with a gum lift (recontouring the gum up slightly), and whitening followed by veneers.
Condeleezza Rice
Condeleezza Rice, while rather pretty suffers from a diastema (space between the teeth).Tthis is a common problem for many African Americans. This problem is corrected with braces or sometimes veneers if placed on at least 4-6 teeth to improve the overall proportions of all of the front teeth. Sometimes a mistake is made to oversize the 2 front teeth and this actually makes it look worse.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon, American Actress and Tony, Emmy and Grammy award winner  is quite talented and pretty. She suffers from a small upper lip, and a deep bite causing a gummy smile. The ideal way to correct this problem is orthognathic surgery (surgery to place the teeth and jaws in the ideal position for the lips and bite)  and braces followed by whitening. If that is not acceptable, then braces, a gum lift and veneers would do nicely.

David Letterman
David Letterman, American comedian, and  talk show host of "Late Night" has had this diastema (space) for his entire life. It is simple to correct with braces and since he has done so may video stints at his dentist's office, it is a wonder why he never bothered to correct it.

David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer, American born actor and Emmy award winner is rather handsome at first glance. Upon closer inspection he has several tooth alignment problems and lower crowding. These are easily corrected with braces.

Elliot Yamin
American Singer, Elliot Yamin has a serious issue with underdevelopment of his upper jaw most likely due to issues with adenoids and tonsils as a child.  He is also missing at least one of his lateral (side) incisors, To correct this problem would require orthognathic (jaw) surgery, and braces and possibly veneers.

Gary Busey
American Actor, Gary Busey has a rather gummy smile and large teeth as well as a diastema and a prominent upper jaw. He has had this corrected with crowns, but due to his smile, it is difficult to achieve a great look without orthognathic (jaw) surgery to reset his upper jaw back.

Guy Ritchie
Guy Ritchie, English screenwriter and filmmaker, suffers from prominent canine on his left side. His smile could be greatly improved with some minor braces and whitening.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton, politician and stateswoman, has 2 overly light crowns on her right side, and a discolored central incisor on the other side, along with some tooth alignment problems. I would correct this with braces, whitening, replacement of any mismatched crowns and veneers as needed. 

Jewel is an American singer-songwriter, actress, guitarist, and poet. She is strikingly beautiful and talented. She desperately needs braces to correct her poorly aligned teeth.

John Heder
American Actor, John Heder, suffers from a short upper lip and a gummy smile. this problem is corrected with orthognathic (jaw) surgery and braces. Sometimes if the patient is unwilling to do orthognathic surgery and the case is not too severe, a second approach is an option.The second option consists of a gum lift and possibly veneers.

Crystal Lake Dental Associates specializes in all types of smile makeovers.

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  2. It's true that they can have better smiles. But I guess some of them prefer to have their teeth in the original state. I also agree that giving their teeth some improvements is not a bad idea.

    Jerri Larimore

  3. Thanks for the comment Jerri. It is true that if your smile is your trademark, you will keep it the same.

  4. I have the same issue presented here with Elliot Yamin, I never had the lateral incisors so my jaw didnt develop the way it should. Im currently using palatal expander and will go for implants when there is enough space for them. Thanks for sharing this, bet the celebs are not THAT pleased. hehe

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