Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrity smiles that Need Help...Part Three.

In an effort to show how some of the biggest celebrity names can improve their appearance by improving their smiles, I will comment on these famous people and the approach I would take to correct the situation. If you have a situation similar th the ones shown, perhaps you can see how a cosmetic improvement can be undertaken.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts, Australian  actress, has won multiple awards for acting. She is quite beautiful, but could have a better smile. Here we see gingivitis (red swollen gums) and misalignment of her teeth. she could benefit from braces, whitening and correction of her gum condition.

Pete Doherty
 Pete Doherty, English musician, writer, actor, artist has plenty of talent. He needs a talented smile makeover. He could greatly benefit from braces, whitening, and veneers or crowns on his front teeth.

Ricky Gervias
 Ricky Gervias is a British comedian, actor, director, producer, musician and writer. He has won plenty of awards for his skills. One of his roles was the male lead as a dentist in "Ghost Town". Though I enjoyed the movie, I was "haunted" by his crooked teeth. Ricky could benefit from braces and whitening. It is no excuse that he claims that his smile is because he is British, and they have lousy health care.

Shane McGowan
 Shane McGowan, Irish singer and songwriter, has led a self destructive life. His smile could use implants, fixed bridges,or partial dentures as well as braces.  

Sharon Stone
 Sharon Stone, American actress, film producer and former model, has won multiple acting awards. She is quite beautiful however, her smile could benefit from correction of gum asymmetry, and whitening.

Steve Buscemi
 Steve Buscemi is an American born actor, writer, and film director. He has been nominated for, and won many awards. His smile is one of the most disturbing of any actors. He could benefit form braces, gum treatment, and whitening.

 Timbaland is an American born record producer, singer-songwriter, producer, and rapper. He has won many awards for his talent. His gummy smile is a challenge. To properly correct this would require orthognathic surgery (braces and jaw surgery), and a  gingivectomy to uncover more of the crowns of his teeth
Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen is a Danish-American actor, poet, musician, photographer, and painter, and writer. He is best known for the role or Aragorn in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. His gummy smile could benefit from braces and a gum lift.

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  2. I think you are wrong . I think it quite probable that their imperfect smiles or other features are a necessary part of what makes them very interesting to look at and has contributed greatly to making them the stars that they are today.


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