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CEREC Crowns in One Visit-Crystal Lake Dentist

Less time in the Chair with CEREC Crowns

A beautiful smile with CEREC in one day

Get a new crown in just one day, thanks to the new technology from CEREC.
Occasionally tooth decay requires more than a filling; it requires a crown.

Before CEREC


 Traditionally a patient needing a crown comes in for an initial visit, gets an impression taken of their teeth, and has a temporary crown placed on the needy tooth. Their tooth impression is sent to a dental lab and up to 2 weeks later a ceramic crown is ready and a second visit is required.

CEREC technology

However, thanks to CEREC’s new technology, computer images are generated and a new crown created in a milling machine right in our dental office. We bake the porcelain crown in a small oven on-sight and check to make sure it’s a perfect custom fit. The dentist can then cement the crown permanently. The new computer technology shortens the process of new crowns into just one visit, requiring only one numbing.

Dr. Neal has been placing CEREC crowns for several years. 

Dr. Neal answers all of your questions about CEREC crowns and cosmetic dentistry at Crystal Lake Dental Associates.

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