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Carifree by Oral BioTech

Carifree for cavities

Sometimes despite your best efforts to brush and floss as the dentist prescribes, you may still find out at your next visit that you did not escape the dreaded cavity diagnosis. That is because brushing and flossing does not always attack the root cause of a cavity. And neither does drilling or filling a cavity

Dental technology and research has brought us another step closer to the light with the Carifree system by Oral BioTech. Research has found that all teeth have a thin biofolm around them that house or contain many a microscopic bacteria. Most of the bacteria is normal and healthy. But the content of the biofolm can shift to an unhealthy form that causes cavities

Using the Carifree system, your dentist can test the biofolm to see if the bacteria are the good or bad kind.  If harmful bacteria are found a proper diagnosis and treatment method can be prescribed. Prevention of cavities as opposed to simply filling them can become your priority.  This proactive approach to keeping your smile healthy is now available at our office.

Cavities can be a problem for adults as well. If you are  on several medications, you may have less saliva or a "dry mouth". This condition sets ou up for increased cavities

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medications that cause drymouth

Dr. Neal answers all of your questions about cavities, dry mouth syndrome and Carifree at Crystal Lake dental Associates

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