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Lifetime Dentistry-Crystal Lake Dentist

Lifetime Dentistry

Importance of Regular and Preventive care

Today regular and preventive dental care is more important than  ever. almost daily researchers are finding strong links between dental disease and systemic diseases. Periodontal disease bacteria have been linked to Alzheimer disease, colon cancer, diabetes, stroke, and coronary heart disease. Obstructive Sleep Apnea  a disease of airway blockage at night) is linked to snoring, ADHD, poor grades in school, behavior problems, ear infections, malocclusion, facial deformity, allergies, tonsillitis, failure to thrive, poor growth  and others in children. In adults, this condition leads to diabetes, overweight, daytime drowsiness (#1 cause of vehicle accidents), heart disease, stroke, headaches, nighttime bruxing (tooth grinding), snoring, poor sleep for bed partners, and other systemic conditions. Tooth Decay is the most common communicable disease on earth.
Abscesses from tooth decay cause loss of time from work and school. Abscessed teeth have lead to death, and other abscesses in the body.

These Three Huge Diseases are Controllable or Preventable by Dentists. 

1 Airway problems

Normal developing children should have adequate room for the teeth, a normal swallow pattern and no thumb or finger habits. In addition, they should be able to easily breath through their nose, normal sized tonsils and adenoids. and have no snoring at night. Early diagnosis of enlarged tonsils, abnormal swallow habits, allergies, improper bite and tooth position and altered breathing in children are signs of impending problems with airway development. This can be treated early by dentists with interceptive orthodontics, and recommendations for clearing the airway by and ENT. If these problems are not corrected early, a lifetime of problems await including an average loss of 8 to 12 years of life.

2 Gum Disease

Gum disease is a contagious disease  Most adults have some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal (gum) disease is usually caused by  a combination of biology (inflammatory response), trauma, bacteria, food wedging around teeth, and poor oral hygiene. The ability of a person's biology to resist gum disease varies greatly. Left untreated one gum pocket can spread to the entire mouth causing loss of all teeth. Gum disease drags down the immune system making a person susceptible to many other life threatening diseases including diabetes,  heart disease stroke, cancer, and others.  Gum disease can be controlled but remains chronic in most cases. Treatment often involves correcting the bite, improved oral hygiene, and cleaning out the bacterial pockets.

3 Tooth Decay (caries)

Tooth decay is a contagious disease as well as a bacterial infection. It is the most common disease in the modern world.  Many patient's worst fear when visiting the dentist is having a cavity, yet they often will avoid the dentist till something hurts. Left untreated tooth decay can lead to extremely painful cavities, abscessed teeth, and expensive treatment. Pain is not a good indicator of early decay which is easily treated. Tooth decay is on the rise in young children partly due to the high intake of sweets and carbohydrates. Fluoride has helped fight decay by making the teeth more resistant to bacterial acid attack. New advances in decay detection including digital x-rays, DIAGNOdent laser detection, and the use of magnification are helping catch decay earlier. The use of dental sealants, and topical fluoride also help to reduce the chance of decay in the future. Flossing and adequate brushing as well as controlling the amount of sugar and carbohydrate intake can greatly reduce decay.

How to manage the Big Three

Prevention, and early detection and early treatment. Going to a preventive oriented dentist who prescribes Lifetime Dentistry early and regularly is the key.When caught early and corrected, orthodontic problems, airway issues, gum disease, and tooth decay can be kept is check. The benefit is a healthier, happier, better looking, longer lasting body and life. A side benefit is less ultimate cost for dental and health care.

Why would you not want this for yourself and your loved ones?

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