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What causes sensitive teeth?

Teeth are composed of 3 layers:

1) Enamel...the hard white outer layer
2) Dentine the softer yellow layer with nerve endings
3) Pulp (nerve) the pink fleshy layer

Imagine a tooth like the M & M candy with the enamel layer which covers the tooth to the gum line as a hard outer shell, and the dentine as the soft inner layer. The hard enamel layer has no nerves in it. It protects the inner layers from most sensitivity to stimuli like hot and cold. Likewise the gum tissue protects the tooth from sensitivity. 

It the enamel wears away, or the gum recedes, the dentine which is filled with nerve endings is exposed. These nerve endings can transmit pain when touched (tooth brushing), heated or cooled (hot/cold foods) or coated with acid (from bacteria metabolizing carbohydrates {sweets}).  Cavities can cause tooth sensitivity. Gum disease can also cause sensitivity. Severe wear or teeth not fitting together properly can cause sensitivity.

How Can I Stop  Sensitivity?

 See your dentist to make sure there are no cavities, or other problems causing the sensitivity.
If the cause is eased dentine on the root of the tooth, there are a few things you can do at home. You can try desensitizing toothpastes, and avoid whitening toothpastes which can be overly aggressive. Be careful to brush properly and gently near thegum line. Make sure you are brushing after eating sweets.

What Can The Dentist Do For Sensitivity?

A cavity or a notch in the root can be filled in.  Gum disease can be treated as well as a poor bite. A mouth guard can be fitted to reduce tooth wear. Some areas of receding gum tissue can be corrected by recovering the roots with a graft.
Fluoride treatments and special high fluoride toothpastes can be prescribed by your dentist. In addition, a new treatment is available called "Seal and Protect". This simple procedure that is applied by a dental hygienist can protect sensitive roots for up to 3 years per application. Results are immediate and no shots or drilling is needed.

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