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Interceptive Orthodontics Crystal Lake Dentist

Why do so many people need braces?

Answer in a nutshell OUR DIET! 

Change in the way we collect, store, and serve food.

Our diets have changed drastically since humans began farming and organizing into a more "civilized society". The industrial revolution and other "improvements" in farming, food processing, cooking, manufacturing,  refrigeration, etc  have taken us in a new direction when it comes to our diets. Over time we have become addicted to FAST FOOD from birth on. The highly processed, high calorie foods are put in our bodies begins with baby formula.


High calorie manufactured and processed foods are responsible for rapid growth in children except for one area ... the MID and LOWER  FACE where the nose, tongue, and teeth reside. 

Old way... (our ancestor's diet). 

Nursing for at least 12 months helps develop the tongue and other muscles. After weaning the act of chewing hard unprocessed foods continues the development of the chewing muscles. Raw unprocessed foods requires more time, energy,  chewing effort to get the same calorie content. The harder working  muscles in turn guide greater jaw development and there is now room for all of the teeth including the wisdom teeth. 

New way (our modern convenience diet). 

Bottle feeding early and formula use leads to a poor tongue muscle tone and improper swallow habits. The high calorie content of these artificial foods leads to larger babies in all areas except the mid face. The continuation of high calorie "Fast Food" (easy to chew or drink) through the growing years leads to continued fast growth in all areas except the mid and lower face. 


End result from a dental standpoint is crowded teeth, open bite, deep bite, crossbite, TMJ disorders, mouth breathing, gum disease, cavities, and tongue thrust swallowing. From a medical standpoint, there are a host of disorders arising from poor mid and lower face development. These can lead to a poorer quality of life, many doctor visits, and even shorten a person's life by up to 12 years. 

Difficult to go back to the way our ancestors ate.

Today it is impractical for many Americans to change their children's diets from birth on. Starting am infant with 12 months of  breastfeeding exclusively does not fit into the lifestyle of most families. Finding and feeding of the  roughage that our ancestors ate to our growing children though ideal is also impractical if not impossible for most families. 

Good News!!! We can correct the problem. 

The growth problem is correctable at an early age with interceptive orthodontics.
Using of specialized orthotic appliances, we correct the growth and save the family a lot of money normally spent on extractions and 2 or more years of conventional braces. 

More Good News!!!Added Benefits. 

The added benefits or Interceptive Orthodontics... Reduction or elimination of:

·        need for braces and oral surgery
·        cavities
·        clogged nasal airways
·        mouth breathing
·        speech problems
·        gum disease
·        clenching and grinding
·        headaches
·        neck and back problems from poor head posture
·        TMJ disorders
·        tonsillitis
·        ear infections
·        allergies
·        impacted wisdom teeth
·        snoring
·        Sleep Apnea
·        ADHD, ADD
·        poor self image from an ugly smile

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