Monday, December 20, 2010

Do silver fillings release mercury? Are they Safe

The short answers are yes and maybe. 
The most highly controversial issues in dentistry are the safety of Mercury and Fluoride, both of which can be toxic. 
The Mercury in silver fillings is in the news again as the FDA is reviewing it's position on safety of silver fillings.

What is clear is that mercury is most dangerous to the fetus and young children as it is highly toxic to the nervous system. The nervous system is undergoing it's greatest growth in the early developmental years.  What is unclear is that Mercury seems to be highly toxic to some people for either genetic or other environmental reasons. Perhaps diet or other factors are present giving some individuals less resistance to the toxic effects, or the inability to eliminate mercury naturally.

In any case the most dangerous forms of Mercury to the general population are Mercury vapor from elemental (silver fillings), and and methyl Mercury from seafood.

When it comes to silver  fillings, the current FDA position is that they are safe for all except pregnant women and children under age 6.

I believe there are safer and better restorative materials, and have not placed silver fillings since 1998.

I am currently researching the latest on Mercury release from silver fillings, as well as other sources of Mercury exposure along with its potential effects on the body.

 I will provide much more detailed  information in the near future.

Your comments are welcome.

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  1. I was 52 years old and I had a massive stroke in 1999. I'm 63. I couldn't speak, completely aphasic, and I couldn't walk; confined to a wheelchair and five hospitals. Nothing clicks. I can speak, (I'm a little bit aphasic) and walk with a cane.

    Mercury poisoning symptoms include: depression, anxiety, foul breath, metallic taste, vomiting, diarrhea, vision impairment, irregular heart beat and pulse, changes in blood pressure, persistent cough, swollen lymph nodes in neck, excessive perspiration and host of signs. Symptoms, that I had.

    I'm not a physician, or a dentist, or a science guy. That said, here's my events about the stroke and mercury fillings. I obtained medical records 10 years ago. I suffered from funky foul breath and a metallic taste; paralyzing fear all the time, constantly; excessive sweating, and palpitations so heart-stopping, so violent and furious, for 20 years.

    Read my blogs. (20 pages) and (3 pages) It's an amended version of the second blog; fast and quick.

    Mercury is toxic beyond belief. The physicians and dentists need to talk to each other.


    Thank you.


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