Friday, November 12, 2010

Why I recommend Sonicare™ toothbrushes.

One of the most common problems we see daily in dentistry among adults is gum recession and root notching from improper tooth brushing.  Why do we see this?
Let's look at the anatomy or an arch of teeth.

 Note how the teeth are curved arch, and also how the teeth are not flat.  The most common action of brushing is a front to back, and back to front motion across the side of the teeth. This rapid motion causes the brush bristles to attack the most prominent surfaces and miss the recessed areas. If effect we over-brush the most prominent surfaces and underbrush the others. Th result is tooth notching,  gum recession, sensitivity, and plaque left in the recessed areas between the teeth leading to more cavities.

Toothbrush notching

Enter the power rotary brushes and what do they do?

Oral B rotary brush

 The same thing as a manual brush only faster. why? Because the person operating the brush usually does not take the time to manipulate the brush properly to keep the bristles from over-brushing the same surfaces and under-brushing the recessed areas. In effect is more efficient in ruining your teeth  and gums.

 Now we have the Sonicare™.

The Sonicare™ is different in that the bristles are stimulated to vibrate and splay out into the recessed areas better.  In the mouth the vibrating motion breaks up Biofilm which is the community that the bacteria form and live in. The action of disturbing Biofilm takes place even at a distance from the bristles thus helping to remove bacteria that the brush physically does not touch. On top of this, the breakdown of Biofilm allows the fluoride in the toothpaste to penetrate the tooth better insuring lower decay again in places where the brush did not touch.

I have enclose links to 3 videos. The first is for the Oral B™ and the second is for the Rotadent™ , and the third is for the  Sonicare™.

Look closely at the entire  Oral B™ and Rotadent™ video and see for yourself if the positioning movements needed to clean the entire surface of each tooth look easy.

Look at how the Sonicare stirs up the liquid and think about whether you want a device that helps you ruin your teeth or one that really gets your mouth healthy.

As  you can tell I am a real fan of the Sonicare™ and my patients improved oral health is all of the proof I need. A list of studies on the Sonicare™ and its effectiveness are included on the link below.

Our entire staff and uses the Sonicare™ exclusively.

A list of studies on the Sonicare™ and its effectiveness are included on the link below.

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