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Advances in Dentistry part 3

Advances to make your visit more comfortable, quicker, and with a better result.

Isolite® is a "tooth pillow" that also protects the cheek and lip while removing fluids and saliva. It can also illuminate the mouth for excellent vision.


Improvements in dental anesthetics.
Citanest®,  Articaine®, Marcaine® and other  advanced anesthetics allow for more comfortable injection and more profound numbing.

The Wand® is a major leap forward in comfort is delivering dental anesthetic. The slow computer metered delivery prevents pain form the manual delivery from a traditional dental syringe. Dr. Neal uses this method routinely on all patients.
The Wand®

Dental lasers can be used to treat gum problems, diagnose decay, and is some cases prepare cavities.
we have 3 lasers:

DIAGNOdent® is used to detect decay under the enamel surface. It is much more accurate than x-rays or the traditional explorer.
The Navigator® is used to sterilize gum pockets and for minor gum treatment procedures. It is compact ,versatile and a favorite of the team. The laser is quite comfortable to use and creates a bloodless field with rapid comfortable healing.

The Periolase® is revolutionizing periodontal treatment. It can replace the traditional cut and sew surgical method commonly used to treat gum disease. Healing is rapid and extremely comfortable. Gum levels are usually unchanged and tooth sensitivity is uncommon.


Relax in the dental chair as you can utilize oral premedication, Nitrous oxide ( Laughing gas), watch cable TV, listen to headphones, have a warm hand waxing, soft pillows and blankets... followed by a a warm cleanup cloth.

Now advanced oral cancer screening can be done easily with the Velscope®, or Vizilite® systems. We use the Vizilite plus® system.

Vizilite plus®

Composite "tooth colored fillings can be cured much more rapidly with the use of lasers, PAC lights or the new high intensity LED lights.


Dental treatment is now moving into the realm of microdentistry and microsurgery with the use of High powered dental loupes powerful lighting systems and dental microscopes.
Dental Loupe and light

Drill free dentistry can be experienced for certain procedures utilizing lasers and air abrasion techniques. These procedures also offer the possibility of not requiring anesthetic.

Air Abrasion  

Root canal therapy has advanced with rotary instruments that can speed up the procedure and improve the outcome and comfort. advanced x-ray imaging and electronic apex locators along with high powered magnification, and  ultrasonic diamond points can aid the dentist is visualizing and shaping the root canal space.

Root Canal

 Advances in fluoride, and enamel rebuilding pastes allow us to remineralize enamel,  reduce tooth sensitivity and drastically reduce tooth decay.
Some of the products that we are currently using include Fluoridex®  gel for reducing decay and sensitivity.
MI Paste® is used to reduce sensitivity and remineralize teeth. 
MI Paste®

 SootheRx® is used to reduce sensitively in teeth.

New technology allows us to make more accurate mouth-guards , biteplanes, TMJ appliances,  splints and clear orthodontic appliances and retainers right in the office.

                         Drufomat®                                                    Biteplane/mouthguard

Advances in design and materials have allowed us to make great improvements in precision attachments for dentures and partials to make them more secure.

Locator® Precision Attachments

Dental implants continue to evolve with new shapes and coatings resulting in better  and faster integration and reduced bone loss over time.

Dental Implants

Advances in techniques brings us synthetic polymers, xenograft and allograft materials to replace missing or damaged bone and gum areas in the mouth for greater esthetics, health and function. These new methods and materials do not require donor sites form other parts of the body resulting in with much greater comfort and quicker healing.

Grafting before

Grafting after

These advancements are available right now at Crystal Lake Dental Associates and through our trusted partners.

Dentistry has come a long way from a 40watt light bulb and a barber chair. As we move forward, the advances in dentistry will continue to revolutionize our ability improve oral healthcare. I am eager to see the next improvements dentistry will have to offer our patients. As always I will embracing every improvement in dentistry.

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  1. Dr. Neal, it is really impressive that you and most dentists are resilient in embracing the advances in dentistry in order to give superb, hassle-free treatments to us patients. A few months ago, my Atlanta sedation dentist did a few drillings on my gums for my new dental implants. I almost never felt the drills and needles, and when I got out of the chair, it was as if nothing drastic happened but the feel of the new implants.

    I also got my friend who was afraid of the dentist chair to visit my sedation dentist. Atlanta residents are sure fortunate for these advances in dentistry.


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