Friday, September 17, 2010

Looking for a Dentist in Crystal Lake?

If you are looking for a dentist in the Crystal Lake area, I have some suggestions.
Often the first question a potential new patient asks is do you take my insurance, or are you in my network?
While this is important to know, it does not have any bearing on the quality of the experience you will have.
If looking for a dentist in Crystal Lake here are a few of questions you should be asking.
1. Is the dentist using state of the art equipment?
2. Does the dentist take continuing education classes?
3. If so what classes has the dentist taken in the past 5 years?
4. Does the dentist require the staff to take continuing education classes?
5. Does the dentist do follow up phone calls to check on patients?
6. Does the dentist have digital ”super low dose” x-rays?
7. Does the dentist do a comprehensive dental examination and take complete records?
8. Does the dentist submit insurance electronically?
9. Does the dentist offer payment plans?
10. Does the dentist offer cash and senior discounts?
11. Does the dentist take children and at what age?
12. Does the dentist have special methods for anxious patients?
13. Are there any special amenities to make patients comfortable during their visit?
14. People hate getting numb, so does the dentist do anything special to make the numbing process more comfortable?
15. When was the last time the office staff was trained in CPR?
16. Does the dentist offer a free consultation?
17. Has the dentist had advanced training in cosmetic dentistry?
18. Does the dentist provide CAESY patient education materials?
19. Does the dentist extract teeth, do root canals, place implants, use precision attachments, use lasers, screen for and treat sleep apnea, do periodontal probing, treat TMJ, do minor orthodontics including Invisalign, offer ZOOM in office whitening?
20. Can the dentist make a crown in one visit “CEREC”?
21. Does the dentist offer laser gum treatments?
22. Does the dentist confirm appointments via phone/email/text?
Look through the list of sample questions and pick out the ones that fit your situation. We at Crystal Lake Dental Associates provide all of these services and much more. You will find that Crystal lake Dental Associates is the only dentist that provides these services in the entire McHenry County area.
I hope this helps you choose the perfect dentist for yourself and your family in the Crystal Lake area!


Phillip C. Neal DDS
Crystal Lake Dental Associates

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