Thursday, September 9, 2010

Core values "It's what you stand for"

We have spent the past 9 months reviewing the values we hold dearest to us in our lives.
We will continue to hone them over the next year as well as list minor core values our mission, vision, and purpose.The top 5 are listed below.

#1 Integrity
We are our word. We will be trustworthy in all circumstances..Will be honest at all times, keep our commitments, and do everything possible to do what is right under any circumstance. We will be fair is our dealings with each other, our affiliates, referring doctors, and our patients. If for some reason we cannot help a someone, we will go out of our way to guide them to the help they need.

#2 Courage
We will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do even when it is hard or costly. We will cross the river of fear and speak truthfully in a kind and loving way to correct a wrong when necessary.We are open to criticism as we can learn of blind spots. We will try new ideas, embrace change, and personal growth. We will support team member growth through trials and failures. We recognize that failure is a great teacher.

#3 Excellence
We will constantly strive to provide the highest possible quality and service. We will attempt to WOW our patients every day by doing the unexpected and going beyond. Achieving excellence requires constant training and feedback, and we will seek both. We are committed to continuing education of ourselves, and our patients. We want team members, partners, and patients to reach their highest potential. We will be a positive force for good in every life we touch.

#4 Respect
Relationships are very important to us and we will make every effort to have great ones with everyone. Gossip and slander have no place in our practice and will not be tolerated. A Patient's private information is to be protected at all times. We will communicate respectfully to each other and to our patients, business partners, referring doctors, labs, and vendors. We will believe the best about everyone. We will be great communicators and even better listeners. We will seek to understand before we seek to be understood.

#5 Teamwork
Teamwork is vital in everything we do. We will have fun at work and try to brighten every person's day. No one person is more important than another. We will help and support each other when needed. We are team members with our patients as we plan a strategy for their oral healthcare goals. We are team members with other referring doctors, vendors, labs, and other business affiliates. We will seek to be the best team member possible and will be humble servants.


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