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Tooth Whitening For Life-Crystal Lake Dentist

What Is Free White For Life?

White for life is a program we have developed to thank our loyal patients. Regular dental check ups are essential for healthy living. As I have reported here, there are are several serious medical conditions associated with poor dental health. In addition, a beautiful healthy smile has a very positive effect on a persons relationships and self 


 How Does This Program Work?

At your first checkup visit, or anytime you desire to whiten your teeth, we offer an initial whitening series for $49.00 (a $350.00 value). At this time we take impressions of your teeth and make custom whitening trays and set a time to deliver the trays with enough whitening gel to brighten your smile. Usually a two week supply is all that is needed, but if you desire, we can give you additional gel. At each professional check-up visit, we give you an additional tube of touch-up whitening gel for free.

Do You Whiten Teeth Before Cosmetic Dentistry?

In fact that is one of the first things I recommend when considering any major changes in your smile. After whitening, we match any new dental work to the new tooth shade after they have been whitened. I will often include the white for life program for free to encourage patients to have the best result in a cosmetic or functional change to their smile.

Are There Any Restrictions?

This program is for regulate patients of our practice who plan on having us provide their routine care and check-ups. Some degree os tooth sensitivity can be expected by most people for the main portion of the two week whitening procedure. In addition, I need to make sure you are a candidate for whitening. For instance, if you have very sensitive teeth or unfilled cavities, they would need addressing. Also, if you have several fillings or other  restorations in front teeth, I would discuss how these may be affected by whitening.

Is Whitening Safe For Teeth?

Yes, the same chemical used in whitening, is also made and used by the body. The chemical (Hydrogen Peroxide) is deactivated by the body fairly quickly. I do not recommend whitening during pregnancy or while nursing however. Though whitening is very safe, some people can become addicted to whitening like many other things in life, and this can weaken the teeth in time.

How Do I Get Started?

Just call our office for an appointment or a free evaluation.

Dr. Neal answers all of your questions about Intercepotive Orthodontics at Crystal Lake Dental Associates.

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