Saturday, March 9, 2013

Books Published by Crystal Lake Dentist

One of my new found joys is writing books

I use Blurb Book Smart software from to write my book. These books are available in an ebook format, a hard cover or soft cover and IPad format. In addition, I am using Createspace® software to convert the books to to format for sale at Amazon and on the Kindle.
I have available both in I-Pad format and hard copy or a downloadable PDF version copies of my two latest books at
My first book "The Honduras 2011 Medical Brigade Mission Trip"
chronicles one of our many missions trips to the very poor country in Central America.
 My most recent book is a children's book called "The Tooth Un-Fairy Tale" is a take off on a little story I tell children who are about to lose a tooth. It is a fun story set to rhyme much like a Dr. Seuss story. 



Available at Amazon books within 10 days

Both books will be available in the near future on Kindle and in soft cover from Amazon books.


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  1. Love your blog Phillip. Honduras must have been brutal without air conditioning, you're a true hero for doing what you do. My regards from Cary, IL!

  2. Thank you. It is nice in the mountains, but the low areas can be quite warm in the dry season. Fortunately, we do stay where air conditioning is available when in the low areas. The country is beautiful, but so poor, and food and fuel prices are the same as in US.

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