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Improved Cavity Detection Crystal Lake Dentist

Why Digital X-rays?

The diagnostic ability of digital x-rays now exceeds that of film with up to 90% radiation exposure.

New Software and Hardware Improves Cavity Detection

We have been using digital x-rays since 2000, and now with our new Kodak imaging system, we can  detect decay (cavities) with 90% accuracy (verses 70% previously)* Logicon  is a computer-aided-detection tool that provides  important decision-support instrument for better patient care. Logicon provides an electronic second opinion by analyzing tooth density and demineralization patterns for interproximal (between the teeth) caries (decay) to help search for caries (cavities or decay) and determine whether they exist in the enamel or dentin. With one click, Logicon automatically scans all proximal (between the teeth) surfaces in a bitewing radiograph and gives a preview of the patient’s state of proximal (between the teeth) caries.
Improved Patient Care 

The program also dramatic graphics and visual aids to help us communicate our diagnosis to patients in a way you can easily understand.treatment recommendations.

Automatically scans x-ray
Close up of decay pattern 
Density changes across decay site 
Probability of decay

We Diagnose Caries with More Confidence 

Logicon analyzes shades of gray (many more than the human eye can resolve), 
extracts caries related image features and correlates them with a database of 
known caries problems. In doing so, the software automatically highlights possible 
abnormalities on digital dental radiographs that otherwise might be missed, 
signaling the dentist to take a closer look at the tooth and surface involved. 

How It Works 

Logicon uses detection algorithms based on laboratory data produced in 
association with a leading school of dentistry. With one click Logicon scans all the 
proximal surfaces in a radiograph and highlights the decay sites on all of the teeth 
in one picture for quick review. Detailed information about the change in tooth 
density and lesion probability are saved for each surface and can be retrieved in 
graphical format. 

*Gakenheimer, David C. “The Efficacy of a Computerized Caries Detector in Intraoral Digital 
Radiography”. Journal of the American Dental Association133 (2002): 883-890 

In addition to our new Logicon Kodak imaging software, we have upgraded out sensors to Kodak 6100 system which provides a higher resolution for improved images.  

Added to that is our new quickcam intraoral imaging system. 



Our ability to detect and treat tooth decay is the best around with the use of DIAGNOdent, Carifree, Loupes (all clinical team members wear these to enhance our ability to diagnose and treat you).




We have also introduced our new Kodak 8000 pan/ceph machine which enables us to now take digital panoramic images and lateral cephalometric images.

Dr. Neal answers all of your questions about advanced decay detection at Crystal Lake Dental

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