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Mouth Prop With a Twist-Crystal Lake Dentist

Keeping your mouth open at the dentist can be tiring.

patient straining to hold mouth open
Your jaw muscles and joint get tired, especially during longer appointments. Many patients with TMJ symptoms have severe pain. Your dentist can offer a mouth prop to rest your teeth on. The typical mouth prop works well but offers no additional features to protect your tongue, cheek, keep debris from going down your throat , or remove fluid from your mouth.
typical mouth prop
prop in mouth
Isolite™ is a new twist on a mouth prop.
The Isolite™ is a unique patented device that holds your teeth apart but does much more. The shield will gently hold your tongue and cheek out of harm’s way. It also acts as a super suction device to remove fluids and prevent debris from going down your throat. Another unique feature is the ability to add light to the area for the dentist to see better I do not use the light as I prefer my headlight anyway). The invention of the Isolite™ can in many ways reduce the need for a chair-side dental assistant during much of the dental procedure as it is performing many of her functions. This frees up the dental assistant to perform other functions, making the entire team more efficient.
Isolite™ system
Isolite™ in the mouth
Why should I care that the assistant is not doing this?

The first advantage to you the patient is the dentist can provide your care less expensively. The second is that the assistant can be more effective and efficient tending to your needs and preparing for the next step. The Isolite™ can make many procedures safer as it protects you from some of the chemicals needed in today's dental procedures.

patient with Isolite

Is the Isolite™ hard to get used to?

It takes about a minute to adjust to the feeling. At first some patients think that they cannot breathe properly, but this feeling rapidly goes away. Occasionally the Isolite™ will cause a little puffiness in the cheek from the suction, but this is temporary.

I love it when dental technology makes dentistry better, easier, quicker, and less costly for everyone. We have been using the Isolite system successfully for several years in our practice.
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