Friday, October 22, 2010

Advanced Dental Care Part One

Advanced technology enhances results, and patient comfort.

I have always believed in innovation to increase patient care and comfort. In this three part series ,I will share with you many of the innovations we use daily to deliver the best dental care possible in the most patient friendly way.

In part one, I will focus on digital and computerized technology that enhances results and patient comfort.

CEREC is a computerized digital imaging CAD/CAM system we use to make crowns inlays and onlays in a single visit. The advantages are no need for a second visit and getting numbed again and no temporary crown that may fall off.

Schick® digital x-rays are super low dose x-ray sensors that we have been using for the past 10 years. Images are instantly available and can be enhanced to better observe conditions. In addition, the patient can easily see the same conditions on the monitor.

Digital imaging with intraoral camera. Now the patient can see the conditions that we see on a monitor, in addition it is often necessary to document a condition that does not show up on x-ray for insurance coverage. The camera is also useful for documenting before and after treatment.

X-rite digital shade taking gives us a check against our eye for shades that a dental lab will use for fabricating crowns veneers and other esthetic restorations. A computer file of the image with data on the shade is emailed to the lab.

Eccovision® is used to send sound waves and map the size and shape of the nasal and oral airway. This is used to help detect restrictions and collapse of the airway during sleep. Airway testing is part of our screening process for snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Embletta® is a portable recording device worn at night to detect sleep related breathing abnormalities. We use the Embletta to test Sleep Apnea oral appliance effectiveness during sleep at home.

Carifree® is a testing and treatment programs for patients who display a high level of tooth decay. We test the plaque for high bacterial activity with a digital sensor . Once a baseline is recorded a special rinse protocol can be used to change the bacterial activity and reduce decay in the future.

CAESY® is a computer patient education program utilizing a series of videos to help patient understand their dental conditions and options. The customized videos can be burned onto a disc for the patient and others to view at home.

Invisalign® is a digitally created series of plastic aligners used to straighten crooked teeth. the series of aligners can be previewed on a computer to show the progress of the movement prior to beginning. the final tooth position can be assessed as well as each aligner step.

CT scanning allows us to visualize the tissues in 3-D. This visualization is helpful in dental implant cases where placement requires high precision and bone quality is questionable.

Simplant® is a computer program that works with a CT scan to determine exact placement of dental implants and a final design of a prosthesis (crown, bridge or denture). The use of the Simplant system incorporated CAD/CAM technology to create guides and frameworks for the dental prosthesis.

Softdent® patient management system allows us to seamlessly integrate all of our technologies sin an electronic file for our patients. Information is never misplaced or lost. Scheduling and insurance tracking are quick and easy.

Smilereminder® works with Softdent to stay in touch with our patients and keep them current through text messaging and emails.

All of these technologies and more are available in our office except the ICAT which we have access to through our local oral surgeon.

We at Crystal Lake Dental Associates have been leaders in technology and innovation for decades. To learn more call us of visit our website.

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