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Dentist as a Physician of the Mouth

A visit to the dentist can save your life.
Since most people that go to the dentist two times a year, we are able to see a patient much more often for screening than a physician. We can identify situations earlier which gives a better prognosis. Typically patients only go to a physician when they know they have a problem. This is later in the stage of a condition usually requiring more extensive care, higher cost, with poorer outcomes. We at Crystal Lake Dental Associates provide the highest level of screening available in a dental office in the area.

Medical Conditions that may be Discovered
There are several medical conditions that can be detected or suspected during a routine dental visit including:

High Blood Pressure
Low Blood Oxygen Levels
Abnormal Pulse Rates
Oral Cancer
Acid Reflux/GERD
TMJ Dysfunction
Sleep Apnea
Bruxismal Migraines
Oral Herpes
Infections Originating Elsewhere that have Spread to the Mouth.
Abscessed Teeth Causing Bone Infections
Tumors in Bone

Autoimmune Diseases
Diseases of Malnutrition

Through a combination of screening, health history and consultation with a patient, we can help uncover a problem and make recommendations to correct the situation. We may be able to treat the problem or we will refer for the proper care.

Dental conditions that are screened for
Dental conditions we screen for include:

Tooth Decay
Periodontal Disease
Excessive Tooth Wear or Fracture
TMJ Pain
Erosion of Enamel from Acid (GERD, Acid Reflux, Bulimia, Excessive use of Sugar/Acid Drinks and Food)
Abscessed Teeth Requiring Root Canal or Extraction
Impacted teeth (improper eruption)
Missing Teeth
Mobile Teeth
Gum Recession
Sores and Infections of the Soft Tissue, Tongue and Salivary Glands
Habits Causing Destruction of Teeth and Gums

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