Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to My Dental blog page

Welcome to my blog page.

I will be posting the latest content in dentistry and dental health. Dental health is a major component of a totally healthy body. Today's topic is Mercury fillings.

I no longer place Mercury fillings for the reasons listen below.

Mercury is released into the patient on placement , any time the filling is rubbed during eating, gum chewing, bruxism (nervous grinding of your teeth), and upon removal from your tooth.

Mercury is poisoning our waste water system. The placement and removal of mercury fillings is causing huge amounts of mercury to be dumped into our waste water system form the dental office.

Mercury fillings have been banned in several European countries already and I believe will be banned in the United States.

The FDA now states that mercury fillings should not be placed in pregnant women and young children.

Mercury damages nerve tissue among other organs in the body and has been blamed for possible links to many other diseases in the past few years.

Mercury fillings leak constantly at the edge between the filling and the tooth, and as such there is small amounts of decay found under these fillings routinely. Mercury fillings are not bonded to the tooth with any adhesive . They oxidize over time and this "rust" is supposed to seal the tooth underneath from bacteria. 90% of the time decay can be found under normal looking fillings according to some studies.

Mercury fillings crack teeth. They expand and contract with temperature changes from the foods you eat and can split a tooth in half in time. These cracked teeth need a new restoration as soon as possible. If not treated quickly the tooth could need a crown, root canal, or removal.

Mercury fillings are just plain ugly. I constantly have patients asking me to remove the black fillings that are corroding and causing their teeth to turn grey, black, and blue.

On my web page Mercury Fillings, are they safe? I cite references and images to better understand my position.

Dr. Neal

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